Fees: Cases start at $5,000.00.*  This includes a free initial telephone or in person consultation, scrutinizing the police reports, additional conferences with you, conferences with witnesses, legal research conducted during the pre-trial phase, plea negotiations with the District Attorney, and all court appearances leading up to the preliminary hearing.  No additional fees will be required unless we are forced set a preliminary hearing in your case.  The cost for a preliminary hearing is $500.00 per half day.  The cost for trial varies depending on the case.  The hourly rate is $250.00 per hour.

You must be present at all court proceedings.

Punishment may include prison time, depending on the severity of the felony.   During your consultation, the attorney will inform you of your maximum exposure for the crimes with which you are charged.

*Discovery costs (police reports and pictures received from the D.A.) may be charged if the cost exceeds $10.00.


Additional information? Call (916) 441-4410 or email.

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